About The FITWELL Program

The UCLA Recreation FITWELL Program activates wellness on campus by educating, motivating and empowering faculty, staff and students to make healthy lifestyle choices specifically in the areas of fitness and exercise, nutrition and weight management, stress management, and general health education.

The FITWELL program works in partnership with Workers Compensation, Healthy Campus Initiative, Environmental Health & Safety, UCLA Health, Insurance and Risk Management, Human Resources and other campus agencies as well as the Ashe Center, Student Development, Counseling and Psychological Services, Residential Life and other student services to bring greater awareness of and to promote the benefits of wellness programs to the campus community.

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Workplace wellness programs, such as the FITWELL program, can offer great benefits to UCLA and its employees by facilitating a healthy workplace culture. Incorporating physical activity and healthy eating into an office or other organizational culture pays dividends for participants and helps to control health care expenses. The FITWELL program offers a variety of wellness options to choose from which aids in employee’s commitment to fitness, and provides services that support departments in establishing an organizational culture that values employees making healthy lifestyle choices.

The FITWELL program also offers tremendous opportunity to support students’ academic and developmental success through education and access to physical activity and other wellness programs.

Improve the health culture of your department and support both employees and students to be healthy and productive, by creating a climate that promotes health and safety, and in which they feel valued and appreciated. A healthy and fit employee is a more productive and happy employee.

The FITWELL program is available to UCLA Faculty, Staff, Students and Recreation Members. View our program offerings for staff and faculty.

We welcome all of your questions, comments, and suggestions.

Contact Us

Name Title Email Phone
In-person: FITWELL Services Desk John Wooden Center 1st Floor fitwell@recreation.ucla.edu 310.206.8307
Elisa Terry FITWELL Associate Director eterry@recreation.ucla.edu 310.206.7976
Amber Brown FITWELL Program Director, Fitness Facilities & Services abrown@recreation.ucla.edu 310.206.4924
Amanda Muenzer FITWELL Coordinator, Education & Outreach amuenzer@recreation.ucla.edu 310.206.6132
Daniel Jauregui FITWELL Manager, JWC djauregui@recreation.ucla.edu 310.206.8307
Isabelle DuSoleil FITWELL Instructor idusoleil@recreation.ucla.edu 310.206.6130
Julia Rhoton FITWELL Culinary Arts Coordinator, Teaching Kitchen jrhoton@recreation.ucla.edu 310.903.8746
Juliane Nguyen FITWELL Coordinator, KREC jnguyen@recreation.ucla.edu 310.206.8220
Liz Au FITWELL Coordinator, One on One Services lau@recreation.ucla.edu 310.206.7477
Morgan Monroe FITWELL Manager, BFIT mmonroe@recreation.ucla.edu 310.825.3689
Samantha Soetenga FITWELL Coordinator, Program Analyst ssoetenga@recreation.ucla.edu 310.794.6181
Van Sinsuan FITWELL Assistant Manager, JWC vsinsuan@recreation.ucla.edu 213.703.3925
Alexander Landa FITWELL Assistant Manager, JWC alanda@recreation.ucla.edu 310.206.8307