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Summer 2022 Fitness & Yoga Classes

GroupX, photo of a dance cardio class and participants

Our Group X Fitness & Yoga Pass features in-person and virtual drop-in fitness classes conveniently offered multiple times a day.

Enjoy classes like Yoga, Zumba, Total Body Challenge, Mat Pilates, Spin, U-Jam Hip Hop and more!

To purchase a Group X Pass, choose one below:

In-Person and Virtual Group X Pass: $45, *Must purchase Rec Membership BEFORE you can purchase.

Virtual Only Group X Pass: $30 *No membership required

FitZones Membership: Staff & Faculty Only

Registration Instructions

1. Visit the UCLA Recreation Program Registration web page.

2. You will then be prompted to “ Log In ” if you have an account or “ Sign Up ” to create an account.

3. Click on "Memberships & Fitness Passes"

4. Select which pass you would like to register for and follow instructions to complete the transaction.

5. IMPORTANT: Throughout the quarter, for IN-PERSON classes, please save your spot for any classes you plan to attend. Class reservations for each class open 7 days in advance. *By signing up for each class each week, you will be able to be notified of any schedule changes or cancelations. Go to "Group X Pass (Reservations)" at to find all Group X Pass classes listed.

6. "Walk-Ups" are allowed. While we encourage reservations, it is not required and we encourage you to attend even if you did not make a reservation. Spots will likely still be available even when the class shows that it is full because there are often "no shows."

7. Please cancel any reservation for any class you are no longer planning to attend. This helps to make sure spots are available for those wanting a spot. Do this by going into your Recreation Online Store profile under your purchases and selecting the three dots next to each class you reserve.

8. Zoom information for the virtual classes that are on the Group X pass will be listed at the link you will be given at the bottom for your email confirmation receipt upon registering. At the bottom of the confirmation receipt there will be a special link listed.

Thank you for your participation. We look forward to working out with you!

View In Person & Virtual Summer 2022 Schedule

View Virtual Only Summer 2022 Schedule

Choose Your Workout

Enjoy variety, flexibility and fun with these exciting Group Exercise classes! Designed to provide a balanced workout regimen, the Group Exercise schedule provides a menu of cardiovascular workouts, strength workouts and flexibility workouts to choose from. Choose from dance fitness, yoga, total body challenge, mat pilates, barre, boxing for fitness and much, much more! Mix and match, and remember to vary your workouts for the best and safest program.

Complexity of Movement or Choreography: (Low / Medium / High)

Exercise Intensity: (1 Low / 2 Medium / 3 High)

Each class is listed according to the complexity of choreography and exercise intensity. Each participant is responsible for monitoring his/her own intensity level during class.

Group Exercise Leaders will introduce you to the Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale to monitor exercise intensity during class. This is a subjective method of monitoring intensity and is based on a 0-10 scale. Zero (0) corresponds to the intensity of sleeping. Ten (10) corresponds to the intensity of running as fast as you possibly can.

For more information on fitness guidelines, consult one of our certified Personal Fitness Trainers or Group Exercise Leaders.

BStrong (Bruin Strong)

Bruin Strong (BStrong) is a goal oriented, progressive strength & conditioning system designed by UCLA's top fitness professionals. This comprehensive fitness program is everything you need: bench marking assessments to track progress, compound resistance training with a variety of equipment including barbells, racks, kettlebells, dumbbells, etc.; power training; plyometrics; conditioning/cardio, core & more! With smaller class sizes, you get the top notch instruction & feedback you'd expect in a personal training session coupled with the energy, enthusiasm & connection of working out in a group. Get STRONG with your fellow Bruins! "Let's go, Bruins! Let's go!"

Your quarterly BStrong membership ($50) allows you to attend any of the BStrong workouts per week. Purchase your pass on Recreation Memberships. Sign up for the classes you want to take each week.

Classes are mixed level, meaning they can be scaled for different fitness levels.

For best results, take 3 classes per week.

**Sign up for your weekly classes on the Sunday before to ensure your space! If you cannot attend, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance**



Step 1:
Sign up for your BStrong Pass - REGISTER HERE.

Step 2:
Register for your classes each week on the Sunday before to ensure your space! Check the full schedule of classes here.

Step 3:
Enjoy and get STRONG like a Bruin!

Bruin Strong Promo Video

Bruin Strong

This class features compound strength exercises (main lifts like dead lifts, squats and presses) and isolation/assistance exercises for a comprehensive strength based class.

Bruin Conditioning & Core

Featuring compound strength movements, power exercises, cardio, and core, this class focuses on max conditioning. Taught HIIT or Interval style, this is the cardio to your strength.

The Total Bruin

This class not only features main lifts and assistance exercises but also adds power training (olympic lift variations, kettlebell swings, plyometrics).