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Fit Breaks

Fit Breaks are short movement breaks designed to help you re-energize, stretch tight muscles, alleviate tension from repetitive movements, and connect with your body. Relieve stress, Increase mobility, and improve mood with movement! Perfect for boosting team comradery while helping everyone stay healthy and active during the work week.

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Fit Break Options:

Warm Up to Work (WU2W) Dynamic warm ups to prepare you for the day's activities and lessen the likelihood of injury. A certified trainer will lead you through a 15 minute full body dynamic warm up to get you ready for your workday.

Midday Mobility: Whether you're in the middle of your day and have been sitting too long or you're starting your day on the swing shift, the Midday Mobility has got you covered! A certified trainer will lead you through a 15 minute session to loosen major joints, activate sleepy muscles, and increase your functional mobility.

Recorded sessions of WU2W and Midday Mobility are available on UCLA Recreation Facebook's page under the Videos tab and stored there to be replayed & followed anytime.

UCLA Recreation Facebook Page


For all our Hand, Wrist, and Elbow stretches, and to watch videos of the stretches.

For all our Lower Back stretches, and to watch videos of the stretches.

For all our Neck/Upper Back stretches, and to watch videos of the stretches.

Back Safety

Back Safety

Arrange a hands-on back safety seminar with a FITWELL strength coach at your next departmental meeting! Contact Elisa Terry for more details at

Can't set up a seminar right now, but still want to learn? Already had a seminar and need to refresh? Check out our Safe Lifting Technique Videos:

Neutral Spine

Low Zone - Two Feet

Low Zone - Unilateral

Low Zone - Build a Bridge

Power Zone

Reaching Overhead

Walks - Routes and Resources



UCLA Campus and UCLA Medical Center

UCLA Residence Hall and Guest House

Santa Monica Medical Center and LAX Walking Routes




For UCLA student, staff or faculty groups! If interested, please see our updated virtual MENU OPTIONS HERE and then fill out a FITWELL workshop interest request form:

FITWELL Workshop Request Form

Please email for any additional questions!

Virtual and In-Person Workshop Offerings

Fit Breaks

Re-Energize your team with a Fit Break during their work day! Perfect for breaking up long meetings on Zoom, boosting team comradery and connection and helping everyone stay motivated to move. A Fit Break can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 60 minutes.

Examples – Total Body Stretch, Dance, Fitness/Workout, Chair Yoga and more!

Digital Dance Party (Virtual only)

Uplift your team with a fun, energizing digital dance party. Our FITWELL team member will be the DJ and also teach group dance routines like the Wobble, Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, etc and facilitate group freestyle dance with games like Freeze Dance. Get moving to music you love, let loose and get your groove on! This workshop can be 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 full hour.

Fit To Series

These workshops focus on resolving particular stressors that affect many types of jobs including sitting or standing for long periods of time, lifting, bending or other repetitive workplace actions

Examples – Fit to Sit, Fit to Work, Fit to Lift

Stress Relief

Variety of stress relieving workshops geared towards your departments’ needs. Rejuvenate and renew your energy.

Examples – Meditation, Yoga, Breath Work, and more!


Learn the trigger points in your hands, feet, face and body that you can massage yourself with a few simple tips and tools. Implements principles of Qi-ssage and myofascial release. Receive pdf handouts of these exercises to keep at your desk for reference.

Back Health & Optimal Posture

Examples – Alexander Technique, Gyrokinesis, Chair Yoga, and more!


Learn the short and long term benefits of mindfulness through practice. Engaging workshops that take you through the steps to becoming more in tune with the present moment.

Examples – Stress Reduction, Resilience, Compassion, Communication

Teaching Kitchen & Nutrition

Gain valuable and practical culinary skills, as well as basic nutrition education for a comprehensive nutrition workshop! Also offering nutrition only workshops for a more tailored and in depth nutrition education experience.

Examples – Healthy & Fun Recipes for the Family, Knife Skills, Easy Weeknight Meals, Nutrition Basics, and many more!

Bruin P.A.W.S.

Bruin Productive Active Working System – Activate your co-workers, office, or department with this comprehensive workshop that thoroughly explains the Bruin P.A.W.S. system. Change the way you work - increase physical activity, increase productivity, and decrease stress! We’ll walk you through step-by-step to get you started and teach you the exercises, stretches, selfmyofascial release, and yoga/destressing activities to set up your team for productive, active workplace success!


FITWELL Nutrition Resources

Resources for healthy eating, boosting immunity, smart shopping, and more from our team of nutritionists. Check back regularly for additional resources throughout the month.

Health Plans

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